Here are updates of the redevelopment project inside Cogon Public Market. See my previous updates on this project HERE.

As shown in the photos, the installation of tiles at the ground floor is almost done with only the remaining sections near the market’s north and south entrances left untiled. The different rentable spaces are also beginning to take shape as shown. Rolling slides, electrical and lighting works and other construction activities are still ongoing.

The “atrium” of the market as seen from the second floor.

There is still an option whether to develop the vacant “roof” or just leave it as bare and open.

Behind those glass walls is the meat section of the market.

Just across is the hallway leading to the escalators.

Beside it is the fruits section of the market.

This section of the ground floor has been fully renovated to accommodate the investor.

Part of the centralized air-conditioning system is already installed.

Much of the work has been concentrated on the ground floor. The section at the ground floor is still idle but enclosed already. Stalls are already ready at the 3rd floor.

This one is the north entrance where the signage and ceiling are still being worked on.

This will be the 858 Complex when completed.

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