Both sides of the 19-storey Limketkai Hotel are now almost covered up with just a little over 3 levels at the top yet to be installed with golden glass panels.

Photos taken today also revealed work on the hotel’s ramp and driveway is likewise well underway as seen below.

You can see some yellow color on one of the main columns as if they’re testing if it fits the intended color.

Scenes taken from Limketkai Avenue… a high-rise with trees in the island – I hope more of these in the future.

Going back to the glass panels, workers are shown doing some tasks in the 19th floor. Acrophobics definitely will not be hired.

Could it be that the supervisor or in-charge of the 5-man team is the one with the “X” at the back of his safety vest?

Photo below taken during lunch. The workers were having their lunch break.

More shots of the building taken from different views.

Accordingly, this hotel is set to start operations next year. Still, we don’t know who will manage the facility and what will be its final official name. This was originally planned a Novotel.

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