Here are latest aerial photos of Cagayan de Oro City taken by DPWH-10 during a recent aerial recon survey of the city. Click the photos for larger view.

Shown above shows the city proper looking south with notable landmark Pelaez Sports Complex at left. Photo below shows the city looking north with Paseo del Rio at center and Limketkai Complex in the background. Some areas affected by the flood are shown in the foreground.

Here’s a shot of Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge with Isla Baksan at the middle. Despite the flood, just recently, there are developmental proposals for the small islet.

Photo below showing Ysalina Bridge (Carmen), City Hall and surrounding areas.

Here’s another shot of Ysalina Bridge with City Hall (bottom) and Commission on Audit (top).

A photo of Cagayan de Oro River with Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge (left) and Maharlika Bridge (center).

Xavier Estates (foreground) with Tibasak, Macasandig in the background.

Vista del Rio Subd. in Tambo, Macasandig shown below just a few hundred meters south of Paseo del Rio. On the upper right is Emily Homes.

Shown below is Tibasak area. St. Mary’s School is located in the background.

Here’s a shot of CM Recto Avenue showing Gaisano City Mall (right) and Centrio (left).

Photo below shows CM Recto (National Highway) with Licoan flyover and Maharlika Bridge.

Maharlika Bridge with Consolacion (bottom right), Liceo de Cagayan University (top left) and Savemore Kauswagan (top).

Photo below shows brackish water section of Cagayan de Oro River with Bonbon (top) and Puntod (bottom).

A view of uptown Cagayan de Oro (Pueblo de Oro Golf Estates-foreground), Xavier Estates (across Masterson) and city proper in the horizon.

Photo below shows Corpus Christi Pueblo de Oro Campus.

Photo below shows the expansion of the Cagayan de Oro Port.

North section of the port showing the MacArthur Marker (lower left) and portion of Macabalan.

The passenger terminal building below will be replaced soon by a much modern facility.

An aerial shot of Market City, just a few hundred meters from the port.

Photo shows portion of Patag and Bulua with Westbound Public Market and Terminal Complex in the background.

Photo showing the port, portions of Bonbon (bottom), Puntod, Lapasan and Gusa following the shoreline.

Rodelsa Circle at Paseo del Rio. I think they should pursue expanding the 2-lane circumferential road into 3 lanes.

Aerial view of Paseo Mall and ZCX Convention Center (left) and Riviera Hotel (right). Roofing is nearing completion.

Farther view of Paseo del Rio.

Carmen (bottom) and St. Augustine Cathedral (left), and Pelaez lot (with clearing).

Photo of Pelaez Bridge and vicinity.

Photos of Rio Verde’s damaged main pipeline located just south of Pelaez Bridge.

Puntod Islet, perhaps the largest islet in the river shown below located in Balulang near Pelaez Bridge (background) was fully submerged during Sendong.

Puntod Islet with Balulang proper (lower right).

More photos of 3rd Bridge (Puntod-Kauswagan).

3rd Bridge with idle Tamparong lots (foreground), Market City and Limketkai Complex in the background.

3rd Bridge Access Road (Kauswagan Side).

3rd Bridge Access Road leading to Kauswagan-Bayabas Junction. Garage for the tourist buses bound for Gloria’s Fantasyland are right side along the road.

Carmen area with Maharlika Bridge and 3rd Bridge in the background.

Some areas affected by the flood: Tambo, Macasandig (lower left) and Macanhan, Carmen (upper right).

Photo shows the mouth of the river with Macabalan and Bonbon. Note shallowness with mud deposited by the flood.

Macabalan proper with the port in the background.

Isla de Oro – a perennial flooded area. Iglesia Ni Cristo church is shown at left.

Areas of Consolacion (bottom) and Kauswagan (right).

Consolacion and Puntod (bottom) and Kauswagan (top).

Bonbon area near the mouth of the river.

RN Pelaez Blvd. (left) leading to Kauswagan and Bonbon areas.

Balulang proper with Villa Nena and Villa Angela (right).

Closer view of Balulang with mosque.

Portion of Acacia Street in Carmen severely damaged by the flood. Protective dike was washed out. St. Augustine Cathedral in the foreground.

Photo below shows the now deserted area of Cala-cala in Macasandig. At right is Balulang proper.


Cala-cala with Royal Palm Subdivision (bottom right).

Just upstream of Pelaez Bridge is Cabula Bridge, which links Cagayan de Oro to the town of Baungon. As shown below, the bridge is now gone.

And finally, the photo below shows the end-point of the whitewater river rafting adventure. The Cabula River Grill is now gone and the adjacent resort including the pool was totally washed out.

A few weeks after Sendong, Cagayan de Oro City is back on its feet again. Business as usual as they say it. The flood only affected the residential communities beside the river. It spared the city’s commercial districts like Divisoria and Limketkai Complex. Still, many were affected since the city’s water source was damaged by the flood. Now, it’s almost back to normalcy. The river rafting tourism industry is now slowly getting back with a lot of new challenges and changes along the rafting route.

original photo credits to Chung Lags; enhanced by

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