Construction of Granvia Suites is now underway as excavation works for the 7-storey building’s foundation are currently ongoing as shown above.

Steel bars indicating the locations of the main columns are now visible.

Just beside Granvia Suites is the new basketball court of Concentrix.

Just across Granvia Suites is this newly enclosed (fenced) lot said to be the site of Johndorf Ventures Corp.’s next project rumored to be much taller than Granvia Suites. I was positioned opposite the sun, thus for the darkened photos. As shown, several dump trucks loaded with filling materials are seen at the site. I think the developer is building the 2 projects simultaneously if I’m not mistaken. But clearly, Granvia Suites is the priority.

A few blocks away shows Prawn House Suites and its vertical expansion. It also nearing completion with only the external paint and indoor works remain.

Below shows Prawn House Suites (background) and another under construction building at Regatta Square. Both building projects were posted last September 26, 2011.

Just behind the SM City Carpark Building, Pueblo de Oro is developing a new road from Fuente de Oro northwards to the direction of Macapagal Drive.

Along Masterson Mile, a new construction is ongoing.

Meanwhile, this 3-storey building at Masterson Mile is nearing completion. This was first posted also last September 26, 2011.

With the recent flood events, locating in uptown Cagayan de Oro has been a more viable decision for locators. Pueblo de Oro’s township development has taken up a notch.

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