PROJECT WATCH: Latest photo updates of Laguindingan Airport as of December 2011

Here are latest photo updates of Laguindingan Airport Development Project taken in late December 2011. Click the pictures for larger view.

The name “LAGUINDINGAN AIRPORT” installed on the terminal building can now be clearly seen.

All the civil works in the airport complex is almost complete with only the navigational facilities yet to be installed. The green landscape is also now very distinct from other open spaces.

The control tower and other buildings including the parking area are also nearing completion. You can notice a rotunda just before entering the airport complex.

Hopefully, this facility will be utilized soon.

all photos by GVCagampang

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  1. boodex says:

    Great updates @ Damarre…

    2 levels lang talaga ang terminal?

  2. Aldatsky says:

    Ang problema dihang lugara kay usa ra ka oras moagas ang tubig. It would be a sanitary nightmare if the water problem is not addressed.

  3. jousheil says:

    i hope this will be utilized soon 🙂

  4. CDO Kayaker says:

    sayang walay Solar Panels.

    kanus-a man gyud and opening?

  5. Gene Eric says:

    Hehe, ni daog ang nag guess ug Laguindingan Airport.  Wala ang international nga word.  

  6. ross ken says:

    Murag init lagi kaau ang place. Tsada unta naay mga trees sa parking area.

  7. palaboy says:

    Only 2 bridges? seriously?

  8. Dude says:

    Dapat ilang taxiway dili kanang sa tunga lang, but abot unta sa end sa runway para dili mag tuyok tuyok ang plane. 🙂 But they should have better plans for it, so i don’t have the right to complain… I am no engineer… hehe.

  9. miko_guwapo says:

    dapat ang national highway mag sugod na unta road widening , as i observed grbe ang traffic sa me bulua nga highway, ayna na dayun na mag dali-dali ug palu-ag kung magamit na ang airport…

  10. Gene Eric says:

    Sakto gyud ka Ross Ken, init gyud kung udto. May gani duol sa dagat. I want to see grasses and trees in the periphery and parking lot. Kanang talisay kay mura’g payong ug paspas mo tubo.  Only 2 bridges, considering nga 3 airlines halos mag dungan ug abot sa Lumbia. Naog nalang ang uban.  Wala pod hangar. Maybe in the future.

  11. kristian says:

    Looks like more of a domestic airport than an international one…Hope they could improve this facility. decade ang gihulat ani ayha nasugdan. Pila na ka politiko ang nisaad ani nga airport.

  12. it is better than the old one in lumbia but the runway seemed not big and long. it should be widened and expanded to adittional meters.

  13. maria irene neri says:

    ngano na miss out man ang international sa ngalan sa tibuok airport…..paki explain palihug.kanus-a kaha kami maka landing aning airport?ready na ba sya sa august 2012?before cdo fiesta para hakot turista pandagdag income sa syudad and region 10…..wala ba kini parking lot na bubong,sobra man init ang open parkinglot…..

  14. Hayahay says:

    To the owner of these photos, pwede nako ni siya kuhaon Sir? Ibutang lang unta nako sa akung facebook 🙂

  15. Mohammad Salman B. Sanayon says:

    Guys, kailan ba ito bubuksan ang LAGUINDINGAN AIRPORT?…

  16. DreamBig says:

    according to the info released by gov. moreno it will open in the 1st quarter of 2013. depending on the installation of the navigation system. just visit on this website often to be updated 🙂

  17. CENZ says:

    Morag dugay2x pa jud siguro ni mabuksan dah!

  18. Pioux says:

    Murag pwerte ka short nga runway! Para ra sa small planes?

    • OLIVER says:

      Mao na kna, guys, kung ngano di gyod na pang international, as the others have been saying it is. What is international, is the ‘international standard’ of its construction. Enlightening?

  19. bertox says:


    yeah ur right… kay kapuy mag libot2 ang plane parehas unta cebu and hopefully they will add bridges para dghan ma accomodate na passengers…

  20. dward says:

    The name should be NORTHERN MINDANAO AIRPORT which covers the Whole Region 10

  21. Yan says:

    I agree with Dward, the name of the airport should say that. Also, this “international” airport looks like a “domestic” airport in the US. If they want this airport to be competitive, then they should make this at par with other international airports like the ones in Korea. Chada unta ni no, hadlok lang ko kay daghan napud mangurakot sulod sa airport, mangilkil ug kwarta as if namunit tag kwarta diri sa gawas. Hahay!

  22. Dude says:

    Its not feasible Yan if they would make it at Par with other international airports… CDO is not Manila nor it is Cebu. CDO is not the main gateway to the Philippines, having such airport is not really a good idea… 🙂

  23. kagay-anon&PROUD says:

    why cant we just be happy for this kind of project.  just saying. 

  24. Yan says:

    I am happy for this project, in fact I’m looking forward to it since I will be using it instead of landing in Cebu then Cebu to CDO, it’s more convenient to land here from somewhere and go home. This airport has a lot of potential and this could be the gateway to Northern Mindanao for International business and Tourism. This could serve people to Zamboanga, Butuan, Bukidnon, Gingoog, Camiguin, etc. instead of taking Davao or Cebu. I just wish that we can pull this through and make this an airport that is really good both infrastructural and friendly. Oh, there are airport reviews and even Manila gets bad reviews from international travelers. Hope this airport can make a big difference so I still believe that if we want to be at par with other international airports like Cebu who has security guards manning the Taxi lines, we can make it happen and besides this is the City of Golden Friendship.

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