With perhaps the biggest investment in Cagayan de Oro which was greatly affected by the recent flashflood, Paseo del Rio has installed large tarpaulins at the Rodelsa Circle all facing the four connecting roads.

Bangon, Cagay-anon! – manifests the Pelaez Group’s resiliency after floodwaters swamped its mixed use complex up to the second level of its project.

Below is the site the morning after Sendong. The site had been cleared of the debris.

Construction has resumed and the firm is not about to throw in the towel for its multi-billion investment. Accordingly, the flood did not inflict damage at all to the main structures of the building and that even its unfinished condition showed its stability.

Still, some info indicate they still have to make further adjustments on the complex’s masterplan. In fact, the existing design of Paseo del Rio was patterned right after the 2009 flood. But like every Cagay-anon would say, Bangon, Cagay-anon!

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