Some 140 families are now staying at Calaanan Tent City based on latest report by the DSWD.

For latest DSWD Report, click HERE.

There are currently 356 Shelterbox Tents installed at the site through the Rotary as shown above. Each tent can accommodate up to 10 persons. All of these tents are contained in box together with all other useful components for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as shown below.

A more detailed enumeration of what’s inside. Click image for larger view.

The tent city at Calaanan is now being called as Shelterbox Village.

DSWD also clarified the eligibility of beneficiaries to benefit core shelter as follows:

  • Internally displaced persons/families whose location of houses is officially declared “no-build zones”: Sitio Calacala (Macasandig), Isla de Oro, Isla Delta, Copa, Tambo (Macasandig), Isla Bugnao, Isla Baksan.
  • Families whose houses are totally damaged;
  • Monthly income of a family of 6 should be below the food threshold that is P10,936 in urban areas and P9,767 in rural areas (basedon NSCB poverty statistic report);

Other IDPs are still in various evacuation centers in the city waiting to be transferred.

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