“I shall forever live my life in the spirit of the MAGIS, in a more selfless, more generous way, seeking only this as my greatest reward, that I shall have made a difference in the lives of others and I shall have given meaning to my own…”  
– Xavier Pledge-

We’ve walked different paths in our lives but like the many branches to single tree, we share one root. As all grand things, we all started small. We once took pride in our blue Chuck  Taylors, or treasured our first Eraserheads album, or wore to tatters  our favorite  blue faded baggy jeans.
God knows what pains we go through just to disrupt a class or suspend the entire school. From stuffing coconut husks down the drain to induce a flood during a downpour,  to running full bore out of our classrooms every time the exclusive girls school’s drum corps happens by, we’ve done it all. We’ve done crazy stuff,  to the point of thinking insanity as one of our major  subjects —- apart from recess, of course, which we’ve already broken down to a clear science.
But as the clock changed face, we too embraced that change. Now, several years down the road we each have found our place in the world.  We’ve found ourselves immersed in the fields of commerce, social welfare, engineering, finance, education, healthcare, law  and public service. In one way or another, we’ve become masters of our field. Ironic as it may sound however, when Xavier University High School bath 1996 comes together, we always revert back to our old fun ways.
We will continue to drift down this river, who knows to what seas we end up but one thing is certain we all share the same ocean.  We will forever treasure what we have been through, and treasure even more who we are today because of them.
We will take pride in walking the journey of life in our chuck taylors, tatters and all , or traversing this labyrinth with Huling El Bimbo’s  base line at the back of our minds.  We will forever live our lives and stand by the spirit of excellence, humility, generosity, brotherhood, justice and faith.

We always have been and will always be men for others.

This is what we stand for and this is who we are.

That’s why we will always have the passion to serve…

Respectfully yours,

Engr. Nino Mae. V. Duran
Batch President of XUHS batch 96

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