Expansion of the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) is now underway.

This could be the Heart, Lung and Kidney Center but I only have very small rendering of the project and the one below is the best I can give. I just hope they will install a much larger preview of the specialty medical facility which is envisioned to provide the people of Northern Mindanao the much needed medical aid for heart, lung and kidney ailments…which in fact are the most affected body organs among Filipinos. This building will have 4 storeys if I’m not mistaken and is located at the northern portion of the hospital compound. I think they should make a new entrance along CM Recto since the hospital compound is very cramped already.

As observed, heavy equipment such as cranes are already onsite with several concrete piles. Actually, pile driving had already began since last week as at least 3 piles were seen already driven on the ground. I also assume the main contractor is Jacinto Gerona Construction, probably based in Iligan. As shown, a large blue straw mat covered the windows of the hospital so as not to disrupt the patients.

When this facility is done, patients who flock to much cheaper but crowded government hospitals need not go to Cebu or Manila for the needed medical attention on heart, lung and kidney concerns.

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