While the 3rd floor and half of the second floor of Cogon Public Market have been renovated for the operation of a Chinese investor, the ground floor is also being reconstructed and redesigned by the city government to allocate more spaces for market vendors.

As shown, some vendors at the ground floor are currently temporarily relocated along the perimeter of the market to make way for the construction activities which have been going on for a couple of months now. The market’s atrium (open space) is now being converted into more stalls. The giant pineapple (wishing well) is now gone. The area under construction occupies about a third of the ground floor’s area.

You can see the development updates of the 3rd floor. The stalls are cleaner and well arranged similar to Market City.

Photo below shows one of the entrance (smaller) to 858 Cogon Market Complex at the 3rd floor.

The activities at the ground floor relocated the vendors to the stalls along the market’s perimeter roads of JR Borja Street and Yacapin Extension.

Hoping this construction will be completed soon.

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