Motorists passing during nighttime through the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge can now have a sigh of relief after the streetlights were finally switched on last night.

Although there was still no official turnover of the bridge by DPWH, this long stretch of the bridge and its approaches, has been utilized by motorists for the past couple of years already unminding of the pitch black and some bad elements lurking in the dark… in many occasions, some individuals have been victimized by these petty crimes.

Now, it’s all brightened up and as shown, you can see the whole stretch of this alternate highway. Although there are still some few lamp posts on the westbound lane which were not functioning, the highway is now generally safe for motorists at night. Authorities still need to repair or make some corrections on these unlighted lamps. Pictures were taken at around 9:30 pm last night. Some teenagers are also seen parked at the bridge enjoying the bright lights and the serenity of the surrounding.

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