Dahilayan Adventure Park will soon launch its most Extreme Ride – Drop Zone.

Drop Zone is said to be safer than a Bungee Jump, but equally thrilling, super scary daredevil sky dive into a crocodile lagoon. Accordingly, this is the Philippines’ first monster tandem swing from 120 ft above the ground! Watch the trial run on the link below:

Dahilayan Adventure Park\’s most Extreme Ride

I wonder if they will really put some crocodiles in the lagoon. Maybe small ones but certainly not “Lolong”.

Below are some screenshots of the video.


Meanwhile, Dahilayan Adventure Park will be building a series of cable ropeways that will transport guests between different venues. Among them will be Swiss made chairlifts and gondolas (cable cars) which will shuttle riders above the forest canopy. This will be the first in the Philippines to be used in an eco adventure venue.

all info from Elpie Paras’

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