Here are latest photos of Centrio in the heart of downtown Cagayan de Oro City.

As shown, construction of the northwing portion (along CM Recto) is now on the 3rd floor while the southwing (along Capt. V Roa) is now on the 2nd level. Kukun Hotel is now very visible from about 500 meters away being almost 9-10 storeys above road level.

If you’ve been to other Ayala Malls, you could probably imagine the interiors of Centrio particularly with the giant Acacia trees.

The mall’s main hallway is also taking shape…with the basement also getting clearer.

The anchor store portion (across Nazareno Church) is slowly beginning to emerge with concrete foundations and some columns now visible.

Some workers are also seen making some excavation work near the gate as shown below. I wonder what they’re working on.

Construction of the circular portion at the corner of the complex is now underway. Compare it with the perspective below.

click image to enlarge

More photos below.

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