Northern Mindanao remains the biggest economy in Mindanao and one of the fastest growing in the country in the past six years.

Now, the Regional Development Council led by its Chairman, Mayor Lawrence Ll. Cruz of Iligan City has completed the Regional Development Plan (RDP) which outlines the major strategic thrusts and priorities which the region shall pursue in the next six years (2011-2016) in its bid to become the leading industrial core and trade center in southern Philippines and presenting itself as the most competitive, efficient and attractive transshipment hub and venue for industrial ventures in southern Philippines.

The plan covers nine major chapters following the GATEWAY (Chapters 2-8). Chapter 1 presents the Macroeconomic Development Framework which sets the overall development agenda of the region including the major targets to be attained during the plan period.

Download the full report (89.892 MB) HERE. [Right Click, Save As]

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