The Recto-Velez flyover was finally inaugurated this morning.

City officials led by City Mayor Vicente Emano led the simple ceremonial drive through atop the flyover amid heavy traffic during rush hour. There was initially heavy traffic at the start but slowly eased up as time went by as more vehicles began using the flyover. As observed, new traffic lights were installed right at the side of the flyover. Motorists had previously complained of not seeing the traffic light on the opposite side.

There were fears of traffic atop the flyover being stopped once RED LIGHT is flashed at the Corrales Avenue intersection. It did happen for a minutes during rush hour. Motorists using the single-lane flyover slowly spread on the 4-lane road approaching the said intersection. Officials should see to it that the traffic signals at said intersection be improved during rush hour. A small rotunda to replace the traffic light could also be viable but this has to be studied thoroughly considering the opening of Centrio late next year.

Other observations include a designated security personnel perhaps assigned to guard the electrical switches on the flyover and traffic lights; an RTA personnel; and a provision for a U-Turn just before reaching the crossing. Both are located on both approaches.

In my observation, the flyover indeed eased the traffic situation in the area.

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