Concreting of unpaved roads at the city proper has been ongoing since last month. These asphalt roads need more maintenance especially that the country is humid such that paving will reduce maintenance costs.

Most of these projects were held in abeyance due to the fiesta activities and work began in September. Shown above is the groundwork prior to concreting of Cruz Taal St from Rizal St up to Capistrano St. Drainage culverts are currently being installed.

A portion of Rizal Street from Yacapin up to Pacana is also closed due to paving project.

Concreting of a section of Tiano Bros. St. from Yacapin to Cayetano Pacana was completed earlier. The road is still closed due to curing.

Also implemented at the same time is concreting of Mabini St from Velez up to Capistrano. This road is also closed to traffic pending curing period.

Lastly, portion of Capistrano St fronting Cosmopolitan Homes up to Macahambus St is now paved. The contractor still has to clean up the remaining stockpiles of earth seen onsite.

Accordingly, these projects were implemented through the city’s barangay empowerment program. That is bidding of infrastructure projects and subsequent awarding of contractors are done by the concerned barangay itself with the funds still coming from the city government. This is stated in the billboards installed onsite.

After the above projects. a few more asphalt road sections in the city proper remain and needs to be paved soonest and I believe these have been identified and calendared by the respective barangay: JR Borja St (Velez to Capistrano); Capistrano St (fronting Savemore to JR Borja); Capistrano St (Chaves to Hayes fronting City Hall).

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