The modular components of the proposed JR Borja Bridge funded by the Spanish Government have reportedly arrived already.

However, the delay of the project has been attributed to right-of-way issues. As shown in the pictures, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has already identified the properties which will be affected by the project. They have marked (X) the structures which will be demolished soon. Above is this residential/commercial building which is right at the end of JR Borja Street along Burgos Street. The two concrete posts of the gate have been marked X as well as the signpost adjacent to it.

This property on the left will also have to go as marked with X.

These two houses are the only large structures on the eastern side of the river as beyond these two are nothing but a vacant portion of Isla de Oro with some light materials. It’s a different story though at Carmen side as the right-of-way passes through a denser section of the population.

Hopefully, these right-of-way negotiations including compensation payments will be dealt with due urgency.

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