Limketkai Avenue, the main road cutting across Limketkai Complex will soon connect to JR Borja Extension.

This after site preparation of the relocation site has been done. The affected residents’ relocation site is reportedly in the vicinity of Indahag and Upper Camaman-an. Accordingly, this new road will have no cost to the city government as Limketkai & Sons will shoulder the project as a means of tax credit. Meaning, the cost in constructing the road will be deducted in the company’s future taxes payable to the city government.

As shown in the map I prepared above, this road will certainly ease traffic congestion in the area and in the vicinity of Cogon Market. This affected community is known to be lair for shady characters and illegal drugs trade. Also, they contribute to garbage thrown into Bitan-ag Creek. I’m just glad they have to be relocated somewhere.

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