Bonnie Bailey, a popular singer/songwriter known for her beautiful re-mixed trax in the club scene will be performing in Cagayan de Oro City Live on October 19, 2011 at Club Tilt.

Bonnie Bailey entered the UK dance scene full on when signed by the massive dance label Hed Kandi. It was there she had her first smash top 40 billboard hit “EVERYWHERE”, MTV Dance floor chart #1, UK DJ magazine #7 for the year, Hyperactive Club chart #1 … Radio 1 Dance charts #6 and hit Top 20 chart position in no less than 10 countries worldwide.

Bonnie also maintained top chart presence around the globe with her Beach House anthem “EVER AFTER” and a variety of her songs can be found on over 150 different compilations that have sold millions worldwide. You can also hear Bonnie Bailey’s song Millions Of Milkshakes used as the theme song for the famous celebrity L.A. HOT Spot MILLIONS OF MILKSHAKES, along with the star studded music video with guest appearances by The Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley cyrus along with other massive stars.

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