Here’s a quick update on the under c0nstruction pension house at the corner of Tiano Bros. and Antonio Luna Sts.

The building’s perspective can now be seen on the tarpaulin installed onsite. Based on the tarp, the 5-storey pension house will have metal claddings with yellow (gold?), red and silver (white?). There’s also a name which I couldn’t read: MARILLTE SUITES? MARILLIE SUITES? MARILITE SUITES? MARILLIE SUITES? I really couldn’t figure it out…I should have taken a closer look.

Anyway, my previous update was last August 18, 2011 and I stand corrected on my previous update because I posted that work was on the 3rd floor when actually it is still on the 2nd. The design shows a high ceiling ground floor.

Although it states 5 storeys, the high ceilings of each floor make it much taller. The rooftop I think also has some sort of function – clothes drying and utility perhaps.

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