Ever since portion of Alae in Manolo Fortich town has been declared to be within territorial jurisdiction of Cagayan de Oro City, the business activities in the area has increased considerably.

The boundary is now clear as stated in the DPWH marker below just a few meters from the junction going to Camp Philips in Manolo Fortich.

As shown in the map, portion of Alae (within the green boundary) is now part of Cagayan de Oro City and will be under the jurisdiction of Barangay Puerto. The boundary is parallel with Sayre Highway (click the map for larger view). There are plans of converting it into a barangay separating it from Puerto where the barangay hall is in Puerto proper.


One big construction project in the area is this large warehouse/factory.


Rebisco – with its factory located in the Manolo Fortich side of Alae, it is building another factory/warehouse in the CDO part as shown below. Some of its affiliate companies are reportedly relocating in the area as their factories in Luzon are being affected by typhoons.

Bukins Grill – probably the first fine restaurant in the area. You can buy some “pinyasalubong” here.

Tyson Feedmill – one of the largest feedmills to operate in the city. Together with Balubal, a food/grain terminal complex is being planned in this area.

Poultry Dressing Plant – one is already operating not far from Tyson Feedmill.

Fatima Village – the first privately developed housing subdivision in the area. I think it is expanding to Phase 2. With more factories being established, the need for housing comes along.

Arts Ville – now on its 3rd week of construction.

Pryce Gardens – located at the boundary of Cagayan de Oro City and Manolo Fortich, a peaceful setting removed from the bustle of the big city. A Prycegas Refilling Station is established at the entrance.

Lastly, Xavier University has a large property in Upper Puerto. Accordingly, the College of Agriculture is being planned to be relocated in the area.

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