The huge land preparation project near Paseo del Rio is almost done. Except perhaps for the landowners, everyone is still clueless about what’s in store for Cagayan de Oro on this prime real estate.

As shown, the proponent has installed engineering measures to protect the boundaries along the creek. Clearly, some 5 meters of earthfill materials were dumped into the property. View my previous posts on this development last April 20, 2011, and April 24, 2011.

Heavy equipment are still operating onsite. Imagine the cost of land preparation (earthfilling, riprapping, heavy equipment)…the owner must be preparing for something big.

This is not part of the Paseo del Rio project but the property is reportedly owned by a member of the Pelaez clan. Shown below, compactor and grader with ZCX Convention Center and Paseo Mall in the background.

Its proximity with PDR compliments the development in the are as a new growth center and business district in the future.

The previous rumors seemed to have died down … Still, this is not a remote site and everyone can readily access the area being near the city proper. Any updates can be posted quickly!

More pictures below.

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