No. 35 of the series. New construction projects not previously posted beginning with another commercial development along Capt. Vicente Roa Street fronting DCLA Plaza shown above.

This street is teeming with new buildings with this new one probably another building with commercial spaces.

This one below is the old GRC Building which houses Lotus Inn and MG Massage Center. It was temporarily gutted by fire and has since resumed operations with expansion now on the top floor.

Demiren Hotel is also now on the expansion mode as seen below. It is one of the popular economy accommodations in the city for government-sponsored seminars.

Just a stone’s throw from Nazareth Tourist Inn along 21st street is another new construction shown below. The 3-storey building is now on the final stages with the roofing already installed.

Another new project is on the rise along President Quirino Street near Cogon as shown below.

Lastly, this 3-storey new building went up under my nose and is already almost done. It is along 12th street in Nazareth near Cong. Rufus Rodriguez’ house.

There’s also a new construction at the corner of Toribio Chavez and Rizal Street across the City Post Office. The former Duterte Clinic on the said lot is now gone. The old building together with the adjacent Botoy’s were demolished last week to give way to a new building. Lets see what’s in store for the city. Photo below was taken a couple of weeks back during the demolition of the old building. It is now completely fenced and waiting for the new development.

There’s another expansion of the UCCP dormitory located along Abellanosa Street beside the UCCP Church…unfortunately, I have no photo.

I just couldn’t keep up with the new projects as they seem to sprout everywhere now.

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