It’s been a while since No. 33 of this series. This post covers updates of previously posted construction projects in Cagayan de Oro City starting with the 5-storey pension house along Tiano-Lun Streets shown above.

Last update was June 15, 2011. Photos show construction now on the 3rd level. This pension house project is owned by TGM Prime Estate Leasing and Devt. Corp. as shown in the tarpaulin onsite.

Next is the 4-storey dorm/pension house along Tomas Saco – 1st street shown below. Previous post was May 13, 2011. Owned by MMA Achiever Construction and Development, work is now on the 3rd floor.

Next on the list is the condo/apartment along 17th-6th street in Nazareth. Previous update was April 18, 2011. Major changes were noted that instead of having 6 floors, the building will just have 3 floors as shown. Progress is significant though with the building’s shape now obvious. This one is nearing completion.

The 4-storey pension by Abalos Golden Eagle Enterprises is also nearing completion. Previous update was April 18, 2011. Well, the building’s color is more vibrant than the one in the perspective. Painting the 4th floor seems to be next on the agenda. The adjacent commercial building was included in the development as shown.

Lastly, the 4-storey Cyechincon Suites is also nearing completion. My last update on this was last April 18, 2011. This is fronting Executive Pension. As shown, work is now on the 4th floor. I just hope the owner changes the name which is kind of a tongue twister.

I’ll post new construction projects next time.

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