Concrete girders are now being installed at the CM Recto-Velez flyover project revealing the shape of the said infrastructure.

Photos taken at noon today reveal that the first set of girders are now in place at the eastern approach of the flyover. These were reportedly installed over the weekend. The next set of girders are set to arrive soon and probably for the western approach. Once all these girders are installed on the piers (supports), work will be concentrated above ground and we may now have a clearer picture of how traffic in the area will look like in the next few months.

As shown, the flyover is somewhat steep. I think it’s ok if you’re coming from the west because you have enough momentum from Maharlika Bridge. It’s different if you’re coming from Corrales Junction because you have little momentum in ascending the flyover with possible decreased acceleration owing to vehicles fronting Gaisano City. However, in both cases, acceleration in an inclined plane will be difficult for older vehicle units if traffic is slow. Still, we always hope for the best.

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