PROJECT WATCH: Latest photos of Laguindingan Airport as of July 22, 2011

Here are latest photos of Laguindingan Airport as of July 22, 2011.

Shown above is one of the two aerobridges attached to the terminal building. The control tower shown below is also almost done.

Shown below are photos of the terminal building, the parking area, the apron, runway and adjacent areas as seen from the control tower.

Click on the pictures for larger view. [all photos from MisOr Press Office]

As stated in latest press release, the opening of the airport was reset to late 2012 due to the delayed bidding for the air navigational facilities. Still, it’s a sure thing that this airport will further boost the region’s economic status.

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  1. cherry says:

    Not really late 2012. Probably around June-July 2012 as mentioned by gov. moreno.

  2. tonford26 says:

    Unsa man gyud ang Tinood?,, Please update

  3. rAxviLLe says:

    unta mo cater gyud ni ug intl flight sa labing duol na panahon

  4. chart says:

    Sosyal kay glass ang aerobridge. hinaot magamit nani next year june or july

  5. cherry says:

    Oh YES!!! It will cater A.S.A.P. to international carriers as soon as it opens its doors. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, & Japan are waiting; as well as U.S.A., Canada, & the European countries. Expect the arrivals of foreigners especially INVESTORS together with monstrous traffic! Hehehe!

  6. Jun Pabilona says:

    God speed Cagayan….we are also waiting for the metro rail project that will service our Int. airport for the people going to Cagayan, Iligan & Butuan….best wishes…

  7. Kurt says:

    Yes, the metrorail project should push thru. Layo kaayo ang Laguindingan. Magkinahanglan ta ug efficient transport system that will take us to the airport fast and hassle-free

  8. binbin says:

    Mr.Roxas??? Whats the update of the metrorail project?? tsk

  9. popohat says:

    I heard Congressman Rufus Rodriguez sa radio na naa daw barge from Laguindingan airport to macabalan port para diretso hatod ang mga pasahero

  10. chicco says:

    Mertorail? Cool.

  11. chicco says:

    Metrorail? Cool.

  12. palaboy says:

    oh yeah chart, karon ra nako na notice na glass ang bridge.

    speaking of bridges, the Macabalan Port will soon have one, right? so the passengers wont have to traverse where the trucks and forklifts are going through as well. I hope this gets implemented soon too.

    going back to the laguindingan topic… the interchange and the rail should be implemented, because cdo is very far from laguindingan. It will be the fastest, cheapest and safest way to transport passengers and cargo.

    Grabe CDO, all the transportation facilities are upgraded to high standards: the Laguindingan Airport, the two bus terminals at new Eastbound (Agora) and Westbound (Bulua) Terminals, and the Seaport (Macabalan). Way to go!

  13. Pinoy Pride says:

    Nice& exciting! I really wish na mahuman nila ang international airport as soon as possible. Para dri na dayon motugpa inig uli namo sa cdo pohon sa 2012.

    But they should also take into consideration the traffic going to & from the airport to cdo (vice versa).Like widening of our national roads, efficient traffic system, interchanges & most importantly, the safety of the passengers… So goodluck CdO-MisOr & hope to see yah soon!…:)

  14. LADP says:

    Hi…..I just would like to verify this…Laguindingan Airport Development Project will not be catering international flights….Sooner or later, it can accommodate international flights but not on the first days of operation..FYI only…

  15. junc says:

    Being an international airport does not always mean there will be international flights. It will still depend on the economics, on passenger demand. However, by being designated as an international airport it means it was built according to international standards and specifications.

  16. I wish Qatar Airways will land also at Laguindingan Int’l Airport they just ordered 200 new and latest aircraft including A380.

    Kaya kaha ang atong airport ug A380? i think the runway is just enough or too short.

    The Laguindingan Airport is 2.5km-long and a Displaced thresholds and blast pad for .5km so i would be 3km if we gonna measure the whole length.

    [-BP-][-T-][ — run way —– — —-][-T-][-BP-]

    While I’m researching about A380 runway specification at Airbus website and other sites gives only formula and diagram was stated. There was a pilot and he said he fly 747-400 often into JFK. They need about 6,500 to 7,000 feet to land somewhere 2km.

    here are some charts
    747-100 747-200B……..747-300……..747-400
    3,190 m……………..3,320 m…….3,018 m.

    I saw on youtube A380 can took off from a runway which is 2286m (7500ft) long today.

    Standard length with a full load is 4000m, Here in Doha, Qatar, they created the runway 5.5km just to cater the A380.
    Therefore I conclude A380 required run-way is 4km. then Doha, Qatar makes 5.5km because of the air density and hot climate.

    I think it’s hard for big airplane to land at Languindingan Airport and travelers will not be too many to travel at Mindano, so no need for a A380. hehehe

    Reference Data:
    [download A380 data 6.2mb]

  17. Saipem Boy says:

    Bsan unsa nga plane basta gikan middle east unta at least diba para dili nata agi Manila pag mouli ta sa ato.

  18. Broooor says:

    chada unta ang DutyFree dha dli hugaw ug bahu d prha sa NAIA hugaw unya huut……. luag unta na !!!….

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