Last Friday, July 29, 2011 at around 3:00 pm, I took these photos at the 10th floor of Mallberry Suites. My purpose was to take some photos of the cityscape with emphasis on Limketkai Hotel and Centrio. As shown in the photo above, heavy rain was already falling in the background of Pryce Plaza probably in the Upper Carmen-Canitoan area.

Interestingly, also shown is the wall cloud of what seems to be lowering in the area of Patag. This was my last picture taken before I went down the elevator. Moments later, there was a brownout and then I was informed that a twister or whirlwind more locally known as “ipo-ipo” ripped the neighborhood near Apovel Subdivision in the Patag-Bulua boundary. It was never near the magnitude of twisters in the US but it surely damaged at least a hundred houses. Below is a closer view of the rotating base of the cumulonimbus cloud.

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