The concreting of roads around Divisoria continued with the gap portion of Capistrano Street from RN Abejuela to Toribio Chavez section.

As shown, the old asphalt road has been cleared and ready for filling the sub-grade course. The heavy rain yesterday afternoon caused the delay as 3-inch thick mud developed at the site. It won’t be too long that the road concreting will resume.

The road project resulted to minor re-routing among the PUJs passing the area. Carmen-bound PUJs will have to turn right along Tirso Neri towards Burgos Street and then exiting at Jollibee Lourdes before going to City Hall. Meanwhile, Cogon- bound PUJs will turn left along Gomez Street from Capistrano Street then turn right along Rizal Street heading towards Chowking Divisoria.

As shown in the billboard, the project will be completed in 45 calendar days or in September 2011. Meanwhile, turnover of completed concreting of Divisoria Roads was done yesterday.

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