My last update was July 12, 2011 and Limketkai Hotel was 12 floors up and 17 days later today, construction is now at the 14th floor.

Estimates will result to a work rate of 8.5 days per floor. Side by side with the 8-storey Gateway Twin Tower, the hotel stands tall over the city.

Taking a closer look at the building, it seems there will be 5 rooms on each side or 10 rooms per floor. Earlier info states that the hotel will have 210 rooms, so mathematically, at 10 rooms per floor, it would be 21 storeys high. This confuses me because recent news indicate the hotel will be just 18 storeys, unless of course they have reduced the number of rooms. But then again, its better to wait for the building to top off.

I took these photos from the 10th floor of Mallberry Suites at a time when dark clouds are looming over the city and impending heavy rain was inevitable….which really did pour heavily.

Browse over more photos below.

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