Three months since its opening, JATICO ADVENTURES is now undertaking phase 2 of its masterplan development. So far there have been 10,785 registered visitors and guests in the city’s fast rising adventure destination.

The latest addition is the BIG SWING shown above which was completed just recently. A SWIMMING POOL is also being constructed right next to the WATER ZORB. This is targeted for completion next month (August 2011).

Another new development is the KAWAYAN GRILL, a RESTAURANT built above the bamboos with a 360 degree view of the landscape. This is also due by August 2011.

Others in the pipeline is a First Class Room Accommodation by September 2011, an AERIAL LIFT (cable car lift) by October 2011, and six (6) First Class House RIDGES by November 2011.

For more inquiries, visit their website HERE. All photos courtesy of Joseph Jatico.

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