Last June 1, 2011, I posted (LINK) some initial construction work at the vacant lot next to Limketkai Mall’s East Wing. Now, it seems that the mall’s expansion isn’t just confined to the vacant lot as pile drivers are already positioned at the once idle lot across Bitan-ag Creek as shown above.

Information gathered at the site revealed that Limketkai’s property includes the area well beyond the creek and that the pile driving works are preratory for Limketkai Hypermart to be connected to the East Wing (via Marks and Spencer). A carpark building is also said to be part of this expansion. I believe the creek at this portion will have to be covered similar to the portion near McDonald’s. The construction is still in the pile driving phase so we may have to wait a few more weeks before we can actually see some vertical works.

It seems the Limketkai Group’s motto is now “continuous improvement”…

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