The statue monument of the late former City Mayor Justiniano R. Borja stands tall at Golden Friendship Park in Divisoria.

Regarded as the best mayor the city ever had, Borja served for 10 years from 1954 to 1964, He died in his office on October 3, 1964.

Borja is the only city mayor who has been given multiple honors, proof of how much he was loved by the city that he served so well. Aside from his statue, a street ( J.R Borja Street) and a hospital, JR Borja Memorial Medical Hospital (City Hospital) were named after him. He was the only city mayor of Cagayan de Oro given a doctorate degree “Honoris Causa” in public administration by Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan in 1963.

The marker right below his statue states the foliowing:


1912 – 1964



Mayor Borja was one of those improbable figures in government; an honest and dedicated public servant. He was a man of integrity and purpose, but what endeared him most to Cagayanons was his philosophy of selfless service, which he once expressed in his own words

Life is a gift and what a gift it is! I have learned that the more you give of yourself, the more you have the gift of life; that he who forgets self and gives all: that he is entirely and devotedly to something or somebody: and he who lives for justice and truth without caring for the consequences receives a thousand times more than he gives.

I have learned that the only immortality, the enduring and permanent things in a transient world are truth, honor, decency and courage, and those who build their lives upon these intangibles of the spirit build upon the foundations that can never be shaken by any force on earth.

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