Cable TV pioneer Engr. Elpie Paras again reiterated in his facebook account the putting up of DropZone, another adrenaline rush thrill ride amid the rising popularity of his Dahilayan Aventure Park.

In my post last February (LINK), I mentioned that DropZone is a base jumping simulator as announced by Engr. Paras. However, in his recent wall post in his FB account, pictures below show Engr. Paras trying out the Sky Coaster at Six Flags, a known chain of theme parks in the US.

In my opinion, this version is much safer than the base jumping simulator. In Sky Coaster, riders in groups of 1 to 3 are winched to the top of a launch tower and then dropped towards the ground, swinging from a cable tether back and forth until brought to a rest. Sky Coasters can range from 100–300 feet (30.5–91.4 m) in height.

Well, whatever the final DropZone will be, it’s still going to be quite an adventure…to the max!

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