More modern traffic lights using Light Emitting Diode (LED) were recently installed particularly along Corrales Avenue at the junctions of JR Borja and Yacapin streets, respectively. The main difference between the latest system installed and the first ones in Carmen and Ororama Megacenter junctions is the addition of pedestrian LED signals as shown above.

There are also distinct differences between the Corrales-JR Borja and Corrales-Yacapin junctions. The Corrales-JR Borja system uses a timer for both vehicle and pedestrian signals shown below.

On the other hand, the Corrales-Yacapin junction uses a system which shows a “decreasing” LED light as a timer to change signals while the pedestrian signal has no timer and simply displays the walk and stop signs as shown.

The formal bidding is said to be done next month.

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