No. 33 of the series….New construction updates beginning with the one shown above – the old Rural Bank building at the corner of JR Borja and Mortola Streets is now gone with another inevitable new building.

I wasn’t able to ask regarding the plan but workers were seen demolishing the once landmark structure in the city.

Next is another 5-storey pension house at the corner of Tiano Bros. and Antonio Luna Streets as shown below. Construction is now ongoing. This project is reportedly owned by Dr. Medina of Ozamiz City and will have 96 rooms across 5 levels.

Next is the re-construction of the former Llamado Bar. Still unclear on what is the proposed construction is.

The old Philippine Veterans’ Bank in Divisoria is undergoing a major facelift and renovation. Lots of construction as the road is also being concreted.

Next is another new commercial building along JR Borja Extension just beside Barkadahan Grill. The 2-storey building is now rising.

Speaking of Barkadahan Grill, their burnt building in Divisoria is currently being demolished…perhaps to re-construct a new building as shown.

Also in Divisoria, another old building is currently being demolished along Hayes Street fronting Avenue Bar and Bagong Lipunan Restaurant. Probably in preparation for another building construction.

With all these new construction projects and all other development previously posted, Cagayan de Oro is changing so fast that if you happen to be away in a matter of months, you would be surprised to see a different city upon your return (exaggerated!).

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