I will be posting more photos of other areas in Northern Mindanao relative to progress, but only in areas where I could possibly or luckily pass along starting with this one…the New Gaisano Malaybalay.

The old Gaisano store in Bukidnon’s capital previously occupied just a small portion along Fortich Street. Now, it has expanded wide and high and is still under construction. Portions at the back of the 3-storey building are yet to be completed. Escalators are still being installed but Gaisano has opened the new store to the public due to the growing business atmosphere in Malaybalay City and other nearby areas.

Lots of developments have occurred in Malaybalay City since it became a city some 13 years ago but my time was limited and it was raining….more shops, new restaurants, new roads, more business, and building constructions were everywhere.

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