There are new developments at the sprawling Limketkai Complex beginning with another construction right across the mall’s East Concourse.

A pile driver and a crane are seen onsite. Some piles have already been delivered as shown in the pictures. The presence of piles indicates vertical construction will soon take place.

Photo below shows the exterior of the East Concourse where Marks and Spencer is located. I believe this construction will include access to the mall via the East Concourse. You can see the piles on the ground.

As usual, the city’s favorite contractor is again at work.

Meanwhile, the tarp of “Gerry’s Grill, Grilling Soon” is finally installed at the former Café Laguna at Robinsons.  The resto is slated to open within June.

The Limketkai Group has also developed a road network at the southern portion of the complex fronting the exclusive subdivision.

The workers were having their lunch break so there was nobody to ask except for the guards, who calmly said: (translated) “we don’t know”. Surely, the homegrown tycoon is not about to budge the entry of a much bigger tycoon which is located just a few blocks away.

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