There’s an ongoing site clearing and earthfilling activity at the former Tee Off Golf Driving Range along Villarin Street across Country Village Hotel in Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

This area was the subject of a rumor I posted (HERE) several months ago of a big investment. It is still unclear if this development is related to the rumor back then. Work started just over the weekend for initial earthfilling as shown in the photos. The area is flat and well enclosed. The fact that it was once a golf driving range makes the place secure. You can still notice the tall steel frames which used to support the net to prevent golf balls from flying out of the property.

I looked it up at google-earth and measured the approximate area of the entire property (from wall to wall) to be approximately 160 meters by 90 meters or roughly 1.44 hectares. As shown below, the vicinity is good for similar investment like hotel, apartelles and the like. Click the image for larger view.

Will there be vertical construction soon or this is just a simple land preparation for prospective investors? If you have info, please do share. 🙂

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