Here is the 32nd edition of this series and comes another set of new projects not previously posted in this blog. First is the 4-storey commercial and dormitory building along Tomas Saco-1st Street shown above.

Based on the pictures, the building is steadily rising with work now on the foundation and concrete columns.

Below is a new residential-commercial building in Camaman-an beside Camaman-an Elementary School. Construction is now on the second floor.

Another fuel refilling station will open soon also in Camaman-an as shown below, perhaps a small player in the oil industry.

Below is another new 3-storey commercial building near Market City.

Here is a small construction at Licoan fronting Shell Station just beside UCCP Church.

The famed Del Castillo Copy Center shown below is undergoing a major renovation. Most of the city’s building blueprints are produced by this small shop which has been operating for several decades now. The copy center has relocated to another building beside it.

Below is a new 4-storey mixed-use building near the corner of 21st and 8th street in Nazareth. It was just a small construction a couple of months back but I was surprised it has gone up quickly.

Lastly, expansion of Pidot 1971 along Rizal-Gaerlan Streets.

Again, there are still more new construction projects going on the city but my time is limited. I’ll post the others soon…. Construction boom in the city has awed many locals with several commercial projects which have sprouted in many areas in the city.

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