The long-delayed concreting of the remaining sections of RN Abejuela and Tirso Neri Streets in Divisoria are now underway.

The portion of RN Abejuela fronting BDO-Divisoria is now closed to traffic as heavy equipment are removing the old asphalt layer of the street. The section fronting United Bookstore up to Pabayo Street is however open and utilized for diagonal parking.

Meanwhile, groundworks are also underway for concreting of Tirso Neri Street fronting Crown Paper as shown below.

Accordingly, DPWH commissioned two separate contractors for the respective roads targetted for completion before August. The contractors are working on opposite sides of the said roads such that portions of both roads can still be utilized be vehicular traffic. Portion of Tirso Neri from Corrales Avenue to Velez St. as well as portion os RN Abejuela from Velez to Capistrano are still open to traffic.

Both RN Abejuela and Tirso Neri Streets are National Roads which fall under the jurisdiction of the said government agency.

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