Here’s another new investment in Cagayan de Oro City and perhaps a unique one. ETF Resortel and Life Spot will soon rise in Barangay Iponan as shown in the perspective installed onsite.

The site is approximately 480 meters from the highway following the paved Centro Iponan Road as shown below.

Located right beside Iponan River, the perspective of the building also shows a WALL FALLS…

This is perhaps a spa resort with amenities providing relaxation, health and pampering experience to clients. The name RESORTEL could also mean a resort and hotel combined.

Presently, the developers are filling the site with earth materials.

The proposed building has a unique architecture, more like 4 to 5-storeys high (relative to the size of the people in the rendering). Architect Jacob G. Clave is from Davao.

Little is known of ETF Group of Companies, the project’s developer but just the same, a welcome investment in the city. This is also something to look forward to.

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