Here’s the route layout of the 3rd Bridge Access Road (Kauswagan-Igpit Section) which is being c0mpleted by DPWH. Shown above (click image to enlarge) is the Bayabas-Igpit section with intersection at Bayabas (left) and intersection at Igpit (right) in Opol town.

First, we’ll start from Kauswagan-Bonbon Intersection where major infrastructure changes are planned. As proposed, there will be a rotunda at the said intersection. DPWH has not started this component as it is still focused on several sections of this road going to Opol. In the plan below, the road to the left leads to the Kauswagan-Puntod (3rd) Bridge. Going eastward (right of rotunda) is heading to Bayabas. The arrow heads north. The property and developments left of the image will have to be cleared for the 4-lane highway.

From the proposed rotunda, we travel along the existing Bayabas Road. The existing 2-lane road will be expanded into 4 lanes.

Then, just after Capisnon near the boundary of Kauswagan and Bayabas, the existing road meanders and DWPH has opened a new intersection going east as shown. This new road opening is already done and major works are ongoing including the huge drainage lines.

From the said Bayabas Intersection, the route continues eastward, crossing the main drainage canal.

From there, the route further goes east toward Bulua Terminal. The road colored green is already existing and forms the road around Bulua Market and Terminal Complex.

Then, the new highway makes another opening along Montecarlo Complex.

From there, the highway heads to the northern part of Bulua and the bridge across Iponan River. Roads traversing the highway are colored green. At Barra after the bridge, the highway intersects Barra Road. By the way, the images also show the side elevation of the road with the BLUE LINE indicating the final grade as against the RED LINE which is the existing grade.

From there, the highway heads to the vast plains of Barra, Opol.

Expect more developments in these areas once this highway will be opened. Shown below shows the road as it approaches the Barra-Igpit boundary.

Below is the new road leading to the intersection at Igpit in Opol town.

The major intersecti0ns of this new road are the Bayabas and Igpit Intersections which are relatively new openings providing alternative routes to vehicular traffic.

This new road will help re-route huge trucks and decongest the National Highway and with the Laguindingan Airport scheduled to be operational by next year, expect the major benefits to roll, which includes property development and other real estate investment and sprouting of commercial undertakings.

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