Work on the intersection of the Puntod-Kauswagan Bridge has so far stopped as DPWH has shifted its focus on the completion of the coastal superhighway project towards Gusa and the access road from Igpit, Opol.

But a vital component in the said infrastructure is the intersection at the Puntod end of the 3rd bridge. As shown below, concreting has been completed on some sections of both approaches, downtown-bound and Pier-bound.

During the previous administration, then DPWH Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane revised the plan and recommended that a rotunda be built at the intersection to avoid the need for traffic lights. Shown below is the plan…with the road layout connecting to the coastal road.

Now, it seems DPWH is still not sure on the much better rotunda plan when it proceded with the concreting without the rotunda as shown in the main layout at the top of this post.

Below are some of the different layouts…but I’m still hoping they would build the rotunda.

As shown above, from the intersection, the road meanders towards the east perhaps avoiding the huge property of Limketkai which could add up to the right-of-way costs considering it is an industrial property. But hopefully, DPWH can decide sooner and make this road a reality.

Click the images for larger view.

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