I will be focusing on two major buzzes in the 6th part of this series. First is the one shown above, which I also posted a few days ago HERE.

Buzzes state that the above development is that of a Manila-based firm, rumored to be that of the Tantoco Group. No, it’s not the so-called Rustan’s Department Store but SHOPWISE. Rustan’s stand alone supercenter chain of stores.

Shopwise is reportedly expanding south with branches in Cebu and this rumored one near Paseo del Rio. The store’s new concept is said to be that of a mini-mall type.

My second buzz is this new development below in Carmen (Calamansi Drive or Patag Road), the site of the former Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro and Honeybaked Café. As shown, preliminary site clearing has been undertaken this past week and it shows the extent of the property rumored to have been purchased by the Mallberry Group….covering more or less 7,000 square meters, perhaps, a good site for another hotel maybe?

If you have info, kindly share….and perhaps, the rumors could be true.

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