There’s a new huge development going on near Paseo del Rio. I’d say HUGE as based on the pictures taken this afternoon, the initial site clearing covers at least 2-3 hectares. I repeat, this is just initial and we still don’t know the extent of this huge development.

As shown, the area extends up to near the back of St. Augustine Cathedral (see water tower in the background).

I believe the developer will still conduct earthfilling as this area was underwater during the 2009 flood. You can see the Paseo del Rio fence along Kagay-an Bridge in the background. This area is already outside Paseo del Rio.

Some workers onsite revealed it’s a Manila-based developer…

This fellow below looks very intrigued on the new development.

Anybody can share….what do you think? It seems the prediction that this area will become a future growth center might just be turning into reality NOW!

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