Here are some new construction projects since No. 29 of the series. Shown above is the 4-storey pension house by Abalos Golden Eagle Enterprises located along Hayes-Guillermo Streets in Cogon.

Construction is now on the 3rd floor…

Next is a 6-storey condominium project along 17th-6th Street in Nazareth, just a stone’s throw away from Loreto’s. As shown below, construction is now on the 2nd floor. There’s no perspective installed onsite so we may have to wait. The site was once the location of Philadephian Christian Academy.

Another new project below is located along A. Velez Street. A 5-storey building is being fit into a very small space right at the former Samsung Shop just fronting the old City Library. Beside it, the former Chevrolet showroom is also being renovated.

As if the construction boom in the city has not yet reached its peak, another building is rising along Corrales Avenue just across the Lutheran Church and Big Flat Bread….there’s a huge tree blocking the view but I guess it’s a mixed-use type.

Below is another new construction or expansion along Fernandez (formerly Dolores Street). It’s located on the interior so this view is what I got. It’s a 3 or 4-storey expansion.

Below is another major renovation of a 2-storey building along Velez and San Agustin Streets.

The former Club 1150 is now called Outbox…

….I’m not done yet, there’s still more new constructions….to be posted soon.

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