It’s been almost three (3) months since No. 29 of the CONSTRUCTION SERIES. For this post, updates of previously posted construction projects. First on the list is the 6-storey new building of Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School located along CM Recto Avenue shown above.

My last update on this project was almost a year on May 6, 2010. Now, building construction is now on the 2nd floor going 3rd.

The Vineyard International Polytechnic College school building is already done with minor work left on the exterior as shown below. I guess they’re just waiting for enrollees and the next school year. My previous update was last August 10, 2010.

Some updates below of the 2-storey Commercial Building of Prince Elipe along RN Pelaez Boulevard. Last update was February 3, 2011.

Last December 28, 2010, I posted this new construction along Mabini Street just across Executive Pension. Now, there is a tarp installed and it will be called CYECHINCON SUITES (hope I got it right), a tongue-twister name…but more rooms will be available when this is completed.

Lastly, last December 28, 2010, I mentioned this small construction near Pit Stop along Corrales Avenue (no photos). It just recently opened and is now YURI’S CAFE.

I’ll post the other updates in the future….

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