Developers of Paseo del Rio have installed new billboards along the fence of the property at the bridge.

Still, all the designs and perspectives have been posted on this blog before. However, some things have become clearer. The Paseo Mall will be located near the corner facing Rodelsa Circle as evidenced by a pedestrian lane and the building’s angle with respect to the road. Then, the main ground floor of the mall will be elevated from the road with access stairs leading to it. I think the mall will have 3 levels. The 2 levels below the mall are expected to be utilized for basement parking….so there will be 5 levels total.

Interestingly, the artist who made the perspective made some copycats of known fastfood chains like JolFBee, and KFK for instance… see below.

The ZCX Convention Center is also now starting to clear up. ZCX actually means Zealep Convention and Exhibit…and will be 3 storeys.

As shown below, there seems to be an overpass to the right of the name. Could it be that ZCX is joined by Paseo Mall?

It is obvious that the hotel is the one along the river by the bridge.

Browse over them below.

Some quotes on the billboards…

Paseo Mall – like no other

Riviera Hotel – experience luxury at its finest

Paseo del Rio – a world-class destination

Holcim – we help you build 🙂

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