A few weeks ago, blog contributor Edmar Silvano submitted a set of photos of another new destination for adventure seekers – Kampo Juan.

It’s located in Manolo Fortich town, specifically in Diclum. This is just some 36 kilometers from Cagayan de Oro City. It will reportedly be open to the public on April 22.

As shown, the rope bridge spans the small valley underneath. Could this be the longest in the region? How about in the country?

What makes it scary is that there’s no wooden plank for you to step on….but nets… a look at the bottom is even scarier. In fact, based on the pictures, I think the more popular Loboc Hanging Bridge in Bohol (photo below) pretty much pales in comparison if we base it on the “scare-meter”.

With winds blowing in all directions, this new site offers another alternative for thrill seekers. Not only that, it also has two (2) zip lines… a 250-meter and a 480-meter zip. The park’s area is approximately 10 hectares. There will be safety helmets and harness for all clients.

The hanging bridge is I think at least 80 meters long. You have to go there to experience the thrill. Kampo Juan – a new investment in the country’s adventure region.

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