In case you didn’t notice, LED traffic signal lights are now operating at Carmen Junction along Vamenta Boulevard and Seriña Streets. One of the bidders of the city’s traffic modernization project has installed the system as a demonstration for a specified period.

LED is Light-Emitting Diode, a semiconductor light source originally used in electronics but are  now widely used in a variety of applications including traffic signals.

As shown above,  the new system also has a traffic countdown meter which remind drivers and pedestrians of the waiting time through counting down numbers to effectively reduce the rate of traffic accidents. I passed there last night and the bright colors of the LED are very visible from as far as 400 meters.

The Carmen crossing is one of the busiest intersections in the city and most motorists usually avoid this junction. More of this system will be installed by the bidder (reportedly from China) in other intersections in the city and hopefully, after the demo period, the city may finally approve the winning bidder.

I think the LED traffic signals are a welcome development to the city but still, the most important thing is self-discipline.

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